//Your St. Patrick’s Day Vape Guide

Your St. Patrick’s Day Vape Guide

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Whether you’re celebrating the luck of the Irish or you’re embracing your first St. Patrick’s Day as a vaper, we’ve got the festive side of things all wrapped up at the end of the rainbow. 

If you’re spending St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland and you vape then there are a couple of things to be mindful of. While the Irish smoking ban does not include vaping or e-cigarettes, many pubs, hotels and restaurants have erected ‘no e-cigarettes’ signs alongside their no smoking counterparts.

Rules for vaping etiquette in Ireland pretty much resemble those of the UK, largely because the smoking ban, which came into effect in the Republic of Ireland in 2004, only refers to a ban on smoking tobacco. That said, the owner and/or staff of any private premises – such as a pub – does have the right to enforce a ‘no vaping’ rule on their property.

Several shopping malls in Ireland have also imposed vaping restrictions as have public transport operators Irish Rail, Bus Éireann and Dublin Bus.

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) does not permit the use of e-cigarettes at the country’s national terminals unless at designated outdoor smoking areas. Meanwhile a blanket ban on e-cigarettes has been introduced in all Health Service Executive (HSE) buildings.

The bottom line is, keep an eye out for signs in the pubs, hotels or restaurants of your choice or ask a member of staff about their house policy on vaping.

Feeling festive? Here’s a selection of e-liquids to inspire you this St. Patrick’s Day.


  1. Shake Thick & Fresh Shamrock Milkshake by Ultimate Juice 









2. Got’em by Cloud Stout E-Juice 


3. Irish Cream by Vapor4Life

4. Shammy Shake E-Liquid by Milkshake Liquids 

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