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WTC LOGISTICS – One Stop Trading And Logistics Solutions

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From every corner of the world, the vaping market is proving itself by far as one of the leading industries for developing, releasing and improving its unique devices. But let’s not overlook the delicate details: manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers who buy vape related products overseas often require an agent to organise product shipping, and that’s where WTC Logistics step in. WTC Logistics have paved an easier path for business consumers, handling numerous aspects from shipping all the way to delivery, always ensuring customer satisfaction. Saving time and money is vital to all companies which is why WTC Logistics act as the mediator for the vaping industry.

Vapouround Magazine caught up with Stuart Mathieson, director of WTC Logistics UK.

VM: Who are WTC Logistics and what do you do?

SM: WTC Logistics have been involved in the vaping industry for over five years now and we have been growing since 2012. To put it quite simply, WTC Logistics act as a mediator between you and your factory for the transportation of your orders, as the first point of call for shipping e-cigarette related products between the UK, USA, and China, made efficient by having 20 offices located all around the world.

With TPD in place there has been an added focus on assisting more companies in the USA with their e-liquids hence working closely with e-liquid manufacturers who are aiming to sell their products globally. Our involvement is to complete the global supply chain by offering a cost effective reliable service in the USA as well as China and the UK. The whole point of doing this is to make their lives easier. We’ve grown with the industry, to become a reliable partner of choice which has been recognised also by the IBVTA who have recently appointed WTC Logistics UK as their approved logistics supplier which also allows us to offer its members additional and beneficial tailored services.

VM: How did WTC Logistics become immersed in the vape world?

SM: We have offices located across China and one of them had a shipment of e-cigarettes booked with us that needed to be arranged to the UK. Being a relatively new product at the time, we thought it best to do some research into the shipping and market requirements.  We found that e-cigarettes were becoming a popular, fast-moving product on the market and we’re proud to have been a part of the vaping industry’s origins. The journey has allowed us to forge strong relationships with shippers, factories and customers alike which we are very pleased to be a part of.

VM: How are WTC Logistics contributing to the vaping industry?

SM: First and foremost is cost saving. We save companies up to 20-40% on their shipping fees and subsequently guarantee the best prices, independent from the suppliers. Most suppliers will need regular contact to make sure the product is available on schedule. WTC liaise directly with the factories to establish the lead times and departure schedules for our customer’s orders. At WTC Logistics, we take the hassle away from our clients, we like to take a more proactive approach to the process. Instead of our customers having to deal individually with ready dates, delivery, shipping, collection, WTC do it for you as one point of contact, which saves our customers valuable time and money.

VM: What is the most enjoyable aspect of working in the vaping industry?

SM: Having been in the vaping industry for over five years, I would definitely say the people. I’ve been in the freight forwarding sector for many years and I’ve met many different characters and personalities along the way. The vaping industry is one of the latest sectors out there and with that an exciting new energy. It’s very rare to delve into a new commodity but having found ourselves immersed in the vaping world, we are appreciating that the people involved in the industry are as excited to learn more about this growing industry, as we are.

VM: How has WTC Logistics progressed since its launch?

SM: We’ve seen the market progress and being part of that has brought expansion for WTC Logistics UK too. Initially, there were cartomizers and cig-a-like’s on the scene but once the second generation of the e-cigarette went into production, WTC was able to focus on the wider market and become more involved in shaping the shipping process whilst aiding clients who were looking to become a prominent voice within the vaping industry.

VM: What’s next for WTC Logistics?

SM: With TPD in effect, there’s been a slight shift focus in manufacturing so we’re concentrating on working closely with the American manufacturers. Even with the TPD regulations affecting everyone in the vaping world, WTC aim to continue to assist people through this change.

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