//Vaping While Driving – Part 2

Vaping While Driving – Part 2

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A look at the gadgets designed to make your journey safer

In our last post, we unpacked some helpful advice on vaping from behind the wheel without taking unnecessary risks. Assuming you’ve read up on the right precautions regarding visibility, readiness, cleaning up and mod management, you can also add to your existing collection of gadgets to make things even better.

We’ve categorised the three kinds of device you can add to the driver’s sitting area, ranging from the useful to the outright bizarre. So now that you know what to do, let’s take a look at what to get.

  1. In-car chargers

No one likes that sinking feeling of going for a hit of your mod and coming up empty due to a drained battery; it’s the last thing you need during the morning commute to work. Although we recommend you always leave the house with a charged mod, an in-car charger will keep you happily vaping all through the longest drive.

For example, the Innokin Itaste DRV kit plugs right into the power supply for your car’s cigarette lighter. With this standing by you’ll never need to make the choice between driving and vaping again.

  1. Holders

These are the most common of vapour products meant for cars (aside from bumper or window stickers – and what use are they for this sort of thing anyway?) Holders can let you switch between driving with both hands free or one hand clasping your mod. Most work like phone or sat nav holders. At no point will you need to set down your device somewhere awkward and unreachable, or risk dropping it where it can get damaged and leak. Some come with versatile mounts, attachable to most surfaces, so you won’t need to clutter up the windscreen or dashboard. Be sure to shop around; mods come in all shapes and sizes.

Try something from the VaporFi Car Holder range, able to accommodate all mods great and small, held in place with an easy to remove adhesive.

  1. And finally…

No one can call vaping culture rigid or uncreative. Where other manufacturers were dreaming up gizmos to help the driving license-holding vaper put their mod down or keep it charged with ease, EZ Cloud Company went one step further, churning out the hands-free EZ Dripper.

The EZ Dripper was made with the intention of reducing car accidents and increasing cleanliness. Consisting of a 15ml bottle, sleeve and suction mount for the windscreen, the Dripper drastically reduced the amount of time, attention and fiddling required for dripping on the road.

The EZ Dripper proved to be a hit, selling 50 000 times in its first year, and now shipping all around the world. It won the award for Best New Product at the 2015 Vape Summit in Houston, Texas.

Note: We at Vapouround do not endorse dripping while driving

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    Great reading and Informative. I must be living under a rock as I have never come across the EZ Dripper. Thanks for the education

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