Evolved Vaper may be in its infancy, but the company is going from strength-to-strength with sales manager Adam Redmond-Hall at the reins.

Adam has been with the homegrown e-liquid company, the sister company to TJ’s E-cigarettes, since it all began just seven months ago.

He says it was the success of something they tried in the nine TJ’s stores which led to Evolved Vaper, well, evolving.

“We made our own juice under Evolved, and it did so well across those stores we wanted to make something out of it so that’s how we came up with the website, the wholesale and distro and our regular sales as well.”

Darren Claringbold – TJ’s E-Cigarettes general manager (left) and Adam Redmond – Hall Evolved Vaper sales manager and public relations (right).

Having witnessed the demand for their trial products first-hand, Adam will be the first to acknowledge he was surprised at how well the juice line went down. Evolved Vaper now boasts four e-liquid ranges and a CBD line.

Launching with a product which is in demand is clearly a great starting point. But Adam knows that to be a great sales manager, getting the basics right is fundamental.

“It’s mainly talking to customers. We make sure they get the service they want and need. Every customer we’ve had has been very happy with the customer service.”

That initial interaction between a buyer and seller is crucial for a sales agent, and that’s where the vast array of vape expos has been essential to this trade as Adam knows.

He took the brand to the Vaper Expo UK – The Return for the first time this October and knows that having a presence on the floorplan at biggest vape event in the UK makes a difference.

“The first one we went to was the expo just gone, the Vaper Expo. I’d been as a civilian but never for work. It was very successful. There was a lot of interest shown and a lot of follow-ups.  It was nice mixing with other companies. Quite a few of them had heard of us but didn’t know who we were. It was good to put a face to the name and talk to people physically.”

A throng of people gather at Evolved Vaper’s debut Vaper Expo UK stand.

Adam is proud to say the brand’s customer base is established here in the UK. “It’s pretty much 24/7, with the bulk of customers located in the UK,” he says.

That’s not to say Evolved is limited to these shores, however. There is further scope for development and evolution of the brand on the continent and perhaps further afield.

2018 has been a year to remember for Adam, who helped get this brand off the ground in a matter of months. With the year coming to an end, he says the company has grown, “massively so.”

“It started off as just me and my MacBook sending out emails. We’ve had to hire people, we’ve converted into a head quarters and now have six or seven employees. We have a couple of staff from the TJ’s stores to come over as well. We have nine stores so if we need someone else we can have them come on board.”

The plan for 2019 is, you guessed it, more growth.

Next year, Evolved Vaper will be attending more expos and plan to assert their position across Europe and the UK. “We’re planning to hit every expo, all of Europe, not just the UK. Push harder and do better to get the brand out there even more.”

Evolved Vaper and TJ’s E-Cigarettes, are proud sponsors of The Vapouround Club. #jointheclub