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Vampire Vape To Sponsor Vapouround Awards 2018 Ceremony

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Vapouround Magazine is delighted to announce that Vampire Vape will be the official sponsor of the 2018 Vapouround Awards ceremony.

Vampire Vape launched in 2012 with just 12 flavours and a handful of staff and have now grown their e-liquid range to 54.

The company is on track to have a 150-strong workforce by 2018 which will be based out of one of the largest dedicated e-liquid facilities in Europe.

Vampire Vape has supported the Vapouround Awards from the beginning and the entire Vapouround team is looking forward to working closely with them in the build up to next year’s event.

The Blackburn-based juice company attended the Vapouround Awards in 2017, where they sponsored the award for Best Overall Juice. Founding director Nathan Walton said:

“We’ve always enjoyed working with Vapouround Magazine. We’ve watched them rise in becoming a huge success within the vaping industry. Vampire Vape attended the first ever Vapouround Awards Ceremony in 2016 and we had a fantastic time which is why we’re continuing to be involved next year.”

Nathan believes that attending events such as the Vapouround Awards Ceremony is an ideal place to network with manufacturers and distributors:

“Attending and sponsoring the Vapouround Awards has always been a great opportunity to celebrate the vaping industry that absolutely no one should miss. As sponsors of the event, we have this incredible chance to be a part of something massive that dominates the vaping industry.

“Even though there’s a strong presence of competition in the room, we at Vampire Vape believe that competition inspires you to improve your own brand. It’s also a great way to make friends and celebrate our hard work and achievements. We should make friends instead of enemies as we all need each other to be dominant figures in the vaping industry.”

Nathan and his team at Vampire Vape have always enjoyed themselves at the special evening:

“The ceremony has continued to stick out for us. The humorous acts such as the magician and hosts of the night always makes it a great success. It’s so much more interesting than other events as it has always been so sophisticated.”

The prestigious spot of Awards sponsorship isn’t the only exciting development for Vampire Vape, which has exciting and ambitious plans for the future.

The company has recently purchased a 115,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Blackburn. They outgrew their first manufacturing building within six months and had to purchase two more facilities to keep up with demand for their juices.

Managing director Phil Boyle said:

“The building we’ve bought is 10 times bigger than the previous warehouse. We’ve noticed our company has been expanding rapidly and on a much larger scale so we required a bigger space for all departments to communicate in one unit and now, we have so much more room to grow the company.

“Within the next year, we expect Vampire Vape to go global. We’re aiming to hit bigger countries and cities. With our business growing extensively, we’ve had to move to a larger warehouse – that’s how big Vampire Vape is evolving.”

Since its inception, Vampire Vape aspired from distributing e-liquid ingredients to creating two award winning e-liquid flavours.

In fact, Vapouround awarded Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg e-liquid with the title for Best High PG Juice and their Pinkman On Ice e-liquid won the title for Best Menthol/Mint at Vapouround Awards 2017 Ceremony.

Phil and his team were overwhelmed with joy when Vampire Vape took away not one, but two awards:

“Winning the award for Heisenberg was a great feeling. It’s one of our most popular e-liquids across Europe.”

The Heisenberg e-liquid was first launched at Vape Fest in 2014 which was the first vaping exhibition Vampire Vape attended. Nathan said:

“To receive an amazing and positive response from people within the vaping industry and having won an award for our most recognised e-liquid, it’s a wonderful achievement. I still remember people at the Vape Fest loving the flavours of our e-liquids.”

Vampire Vape also launched the original Pinkman e-liquid at the same Vape Fest and even though both flavours taste the complete opposite, Phil insisted that both e-liquids are still their biggest sellers:

“Even though both flavours are complex and has a mixture of different ingredients, our biggest sellers are the Original Pinkman, Pinkman On Ice, and Heisenberg.

“Winning two Vapouround Awards for our top two e-liquids was a massive accomplishment and a perfect beginning to further develop our business in a bigger manufacturing facility.”

Vampire Vape are excited to be the main sponsors of Vapouround Awards 2018 Ceremony and we look forward to working with them to create yet another entertaining and unmissable event.


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