The US Food and Drug Administration is set to announce a flavour ban on e-cigarettes next week, according to US media reports.

It’s thought the action on flavours will target popular pod devices, such as the JUUL, rather than open systems.

If this is the case, vape shops and retail outlets selling such pod devices may no longer be permitted to do so unless they enforce strict measures to ban minors from entering their stores.

Another solution could be to create a strict ‘off-limits’ area in stores specifically for cartridge-style pods, which shoppers would have to provide identification for proof of age to access.

After initial reports of a possible online ban on the buying and selling of vape goods, The Washington Post reports the FDA could also be about to impose age verification requirements to online sales.

This week, FDA officials told reportersthe proposed actions are expected to be announced as early as next week, with Wednesday being the day many believe the news will come in the form of a statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

In an interview this Wednesday, Dr Gottlieb said,

“What I can’t tolerate is another year of this level of growth.”

The hype surrounding this announcement is building and it follows months of speculation as to what the FDA will or can do towards regulating e-cigarettes in the US and how public health agency will solve the so-called teen vaping ‘epidemic.’

According to the reports, the governor of New York plans to ban menthol flavoured cigarettes across the state early next year.

More to follow.