The owner of a Tennessee CBD shop whose business was raided in February as part of Operation Candy Crush is suing the authorities for $500,000.

Cloud 9 Hemp was one of 23 businesses shut down for allegedly selling products that contained marijuana, including e-liquids.

However, the charges against owner James Swain Rieves were dropped as the CBD contained in the products was derived from hemp, which is legal in Tennessee.

According to the lawsuit, the authorities seized $60,000 worth of merchandise and equipment but did not target local gas stations, markets or Amazon, where the same products are openly sold.

The lawsuit called for police officers to be trained to understand the difference between legal hemp and illegal marijuana.

In an interview with, Rieves expressed his gratitude to the local community for showing their support.

“I was at my lowest point that I think I’ve ever been in my life and really it was the support of everybody saying, ‘hang in there, you didn’t do anything wrong, it’ll sort itself out.”