A short satirical horror flick about vaping was praised at the Global Forum for Nicotine (GFN) in Warsaw recently, shedding light on the tobacco industry and mainstream media’s ongoing attempts to suppress vaping.

Summed up by a French cast and award winning director Dominique Aubert, ‘The Vaping [Not Dead]’ tells the story of a group of vapers whose lifestyle choice is under threat from a psychopathic, baseball bat-wielding manifestation of those who do not like or understand e-cigarettes.

Aubert is also president of “The Vaping Channel” which is a program dedicated to promoting e-cigarettes and vaping devices.

Led by a cast and crew of impassioned vapers, this award-winning film lasts just 10 minutes but breaks new ground for vaping activism in Europe as the first of its kind.

The third edition of the GFN’s film festival named Aubert as “Best Director.” It’s thought he took inspiration from famous US series, “The Walking Dead.”

Watch the film below and check out The Vaping Not Dead Facebook page for more information.