VAPEVENT will soon return to New York, with a new Diamond Sponsor in Capella Flavors

In just one month, Brooklyn New York will host the second annual VAPEVENT NYC, a 100% B2B trade show and the quintessential meeting for vape companies who wish to develop or partake in the promising East Coast market of the USA. Vapouround Magazine are thrilled to stand among VAPEVENT’s official partners for this un-missable occasion.

The first show, premiering on March 2 2017, attracted 1153 unique B2B visitors from 18 countries, an outstanding achievement for a debut outing. It comes to us as an offshoot of the wildly popular VAPEVENT in Paris, France. The team behind the pageantry have been working hard on their unique brand of trade show since 2013 and now, in their latest ground-breaking year, can firmly count Brooklyn as a must-go piece of the market, and yet another reason New York remains one of the world’s premier cultural and business marvels. For 2018, the organisers hope to build on that resounding success, combining the best from the domestic and international vape markets for two days of collaboration and innovation, always hinting at something more:

“With our deep-rooted experience as an international e-cigarette exposition organization, this edition promises to be very special.”

Cutting out the middleman and getting right down to business (without losing any of the fun) is the VAPEVENT way, and their conquest of the USA has continued this pattern. On their official site, VAPEVENT NYC proudly describe their occasion as:

  1. An exposition between vape professionals only
  2. An international exposition allowing the creation of new partnerships, the building of trading exchanges and the discovery of the latest developments in the e-cigarette market
  3. An exposition bringing together all the vape businesses: e-liquid manufacturers, e-cig equipment manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, mod manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, raw material suppliers, wholesalers…and many more.

If you’ve ever wanted a clear example of what a pure, focused B2B hub looks like, then look no further and grab yourself a ticket today.

What kind of partners and sponsors have joined their cause with VAPEVENT?

Sponsoring the event are the California-based Capella Flavors, who are in their 10th year and stronger than ever. Capella kindly agreed to speak exclusively with Vapouround about their essential role. See our Q&A for full details. Though not a vape company, Capella’s mastery of flavour has made them a natural ally for the vape trade, an indispensable addition to the scene and a demonstration of how the rise of e-cigarettes around the globe can provide such a hearty shot in the arm from a diverse mix of businesses who all provide their own supplementary services.

Such a collaboration is a lofty achievement for the bridge-building trailblazers of VAPEVENT. We look forward to seeing how their example can influence future cross-disciplinary cooperation between the vape trade and others.

Though pulling together the best and brightest in the established world of the vape trade, the organisers remind us that it is you, the entrepreneurially-minded vaper, that remains the true lifeblood of the vape industry’s survival and prosperity:

“It is with your participation that VAPEVENT will be a success.”

If you’re in the business, we want to see you there and enjoy your contribution. Whether veteran or beginner, no matter your level in the vape trade, every participant is sure to enjoy a boost at VAPEVENT. You never know which new partners you could meet, which new connections you could forge, which new markets you could enter.

VAPEVENT will take place from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM on March 22-23 at the upmarket Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint. Full address and postcode: 72 Noble Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

You can access all the details you need about the floor plan, offers and pricing, vendors’ badges, the exhibitors brands list and the application process at the event’s official website. Please bear in mind that no one under the age of 21 will be granted entry.

Still unsure? The team are more than happy to answer any queries you may have ahead of the weekend. You can reach them by emailing or calling +1 718 717 2202 or +33 (0)5 56 36 11 64.

Don’t forget to check our upcoming magazine for an exclusive Q&A session with sponsors Capella Flavors, who left us with some insider info word ahead of the big day. Set aside the date while you still can.