Against all odds, Taiwan vape company HESLIFE won the Best E-Liquid of the Year Award at 2018’s Shenzen ECig Expo.

This was an especially uplifting moment for a company based in a country that has suffered some of the most stifling anti-vaping legislation in Asia. It’s a nice break for Taiwanese vaping, as all other recent media coverage has been exclusively on the dire situation it finds itself in.

Director Danny Wang remains committed ensuring the continued survival of his company, and the wider domestic vape trade. Triumphs such as this are not only encouraging symbolic gestures at home for all such companies experiencing the same struggle, but overseas as well. It’s also an important reminder that innovation and adulation can be found in even the most restricted environments.

A statement released by HESLIFE last week stated that such an honour for Taiwan “cannot be exaggerated.” Their presence and victory shed some much-needed light on Taiwan’s predicament, and won them mainstream coverage in the Chinese press.

“Because the Taiwan government’s policy on e-cigarettes is very severe, Mainland Chinese media were curious about the Taiwan Pavilion. HESLIFE CEO, Wang Yu-Yang, also received an exclusive interview with Mainland China media onsite, explaining how HESLIFE has used the exhibition platform to become a Taiwanese high-quality export company.”

Wang Yu-Yang also described the victory as proof that Taiwan’s e-liquid market remains “very competitive toward for whole world. In the future, HESLIFE will also expand the company’s export business by participating in more international exhibitions. This year HESLIFE is also expected to participate in the first Vape Korea Expo in September, and seventh Vapor Expo Uk in October and the first New Zealand Vape Expo in December. We will also participate in next year’s vape expos in the Middle East and Japan. Of course, next year’s IECIE has already reserved booths and expects the government to pay more attention to the development of the vaping industry in Taiwan.”

Danny remains committed to the work of the Taiwanese Vape Association. Advocacy is always a worthy fight in this industry and gets results in the hardest times.

You can access the full interview with Danny in the latest edition of Vapouround Magazine (VM16) or right here on the blog.