What our recent survey reveals about our readers

On December 22nd, we reached out to our faithful followers with a survey on why they vape, when they started, and how we can better spread the word for the betterment of public health. We enjoyed receiving your responses, which came to us from all over the world.

After learning a few basic details about our respondents via the opening question (name and country), we quizzed them on their age, gender and smoking status. We then put forward questions on which barriers prevented them from making the switch from smoking to vaping, what specifically made them want to start vaping in the first place, why they still vape, and what we (Vapouround and other vape companies) can do to better reach smokers who haven’t yet made that change.

Here are the results:

As you can see, the bulk of vapers in the surveyed group are 25+, many have been smoking for some years and have come to cigarettes after years of failed attempts to quit using other methods.

Most popular other responses: The vast majority of “other” respondents to this question classed themselves as vapers who have never smoked, never-smokers who only vape CBD oil for medical reasons, never-smokers who only occasionally/socially vape, and non-mod using hookah vapers (both former, current and never smokers).

Most popular other responses: We were very encouraged to see most respondents writing “nothing,” telling us they started to vape the instant they discovered it (this goes for both former and never smokers). Lack of awareness about how to start vaping came next, followed by a simple lack of awareness of vaping at all. The remaining responses were split between people who felt they couldn’t quit cigarettes and didn’t want to try, and people who were limited by restrictive government policy.

Most popular other responses: Personal health problems directly linked to smoking cigarettes, sadly followed by witnessing friends and relatives suffer these ailments. Then came respondents who cited tobacco taxes and cigarette price increases/mandatory twenty packs as motivators. This was one of the more varied “other” sections, as users mentioned seeing e-cigarettes used in non-advertorial media (film and television) winning competitions, receiving them as gifts, enjoying the taste and smell after trying on a whim, and having to start using CBD oil for non-smoking related illness.

Most popular other responses: Creativity was the main theme here; vapers really enjoy customising their coils, liquids and nicotine levels. Others cited the mental health benefits, finding the experience relaxing and therapeutic. Some said that working in a vape company keeps them supported in their endeavours to stay off cigarettes.

Most popular other responses: When it comes to getting the information out, vapers want to see companies up their advertising game through conventional means and online, encourage word-of-mouth stories from former smokers, and increase direct involvement in politics to lift prohibitive legislation. Some vapers also asked for a more straightforward educational approach about the positives in vaping, and more diverse depictions of vapers in advertising, moving past subcultural stereotypes.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed, rest assured we’ve put our results to good use, and are now reaching out to more smokers every day.