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Review: Canada’s Vape Expo

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As I write this on the morning of our flight home, it’s worth noting that it’s always a thrill to visit a particular expo for the first time. That thrill is enhanced when it’s also a first time visit to a new country, but there’s always a degree of nerves too as you make your way there.

As a member of the vaping media and more importantly the vaping community as a whole, I always want every expo to be a success at passing on the message that vape has to offer and to organise an expo that is a unqualified success is indeed quite an ask.

I can say quite comfortably that Canada’s Vape Expo achieved this brilliantly and with a touch of panache at their recent expo in Toronto spanning the 21st-23rd July.

Hosted at The International Centre the expo was a shining example of the myriad of things that are wonderful about the Canadian vape industry – an industry currently facing legislative challenges in the form of the S-5 bill.

It was inspiring to see how alongside organisations such as the Canadian Vaping Association and the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada the industry are tackling those challenges with efficiency, dignity and a very impressive level of organisation.

The expo itself showcased a large variety of brands that anybody, either business or consumer, should take the time to acquaint themselves with. Canadians are of course noted for their friendliness and this was apparent throughout both the entire show and the visit as a whole.

Alongside the vendors themselves it was also fantastic to see and listen to experts and advocates of the vaping industry such as Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis and former Winston man David Goerlitz.

Special thanks must also go to Charlie Pisano from the event organisers. From a very warm welcome through to his constant help and assistance throughout the event, Charlie was a pleasure to meet and immeasurably kind and helpful throughout our entire stay.

Without hesitation I’d recommend attending any of the events that Canada’s Vape Expo’s organisers put on. Whether you attend in a business capacity, or simply as part of the vape community, you’ll find it a very worthwhile and engaging way to spend your time.

I’m already looking forward to a return visit here for the next expo – this one was truly stand-out and I’m excited for more. Do yourself a favour and if you have the time then visit too.

By Dave Turner – Director at Vapouround Magazine

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