//Public Smoking And Vaping Ban Hits Luxembourg

Public Smoking And Vaping Ban Hits Luxembourg

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A praiseworthy anti-smoking measure in Luxembourg has unfairly targeted vapers as well.

On July 31 it was revealed that tough new anti-smoking laws would be coming into effect, with a ban on the activity in many public places including playgrounds, and cars carrying any passenger under the age of 12.

Effective from August 1, the ban is an update to a law passed on June 13, and a continuation of the country’s anti-smoking plans dating back to 2006.

But this ban also extends to e-cigarettes, continuing a misguided trend.

The health ministry laid out their reasons a means to “protect people against the potential risks of e-cigarettes,” stating that:

“E-liquids release substances which are classed as toxic for consumers and people around them, although to less of an extent than conventional cigarettes.”

Fortunately, there is some good news, as the new regulations will ban the sale of all tobacco products, but also e-liquids and e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18, countering the disturbingly high number of Luxembourg’s smokers starting the habit while still underage (70%) and continuing into adulthood.

Vaping should be a strictly adults-only activity and this feature is a crucial step forward for vaping in Luxembourg, but a blow too, as vapour products do not contain tobacco, nor do they induce the same harmful effects as tobacco or act as a gateway into smoking combustible cigarettes.

Vapouround hope to see the health ministry of Luxembourg continue its drive against smoking and reconsider its stance on vaping. A measure like raising the age appropriately will strengthen the credibility of the vape market and keep devices where they belong.


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