Riot Squad Premium E-Liquid has been signed as a branding partner by music festival organisers Festivus.

The aim is to introduce vape products at four events across the UK this year.

The first event takes place this weekend, June 30 and July 1, at Hainault Forest in Greater London where a crowd of 25,000 of festival goers is expected.

The announcement isn’t just a positive news story for Milton Keynes based Riot Squad.

This level of acceptance of vaping and confidence in e-cigarette brands at public events could be a landmark change in public perception, as groups like Festivus offer ticket holders vape related products as a replacement for cigarettes.

On the announcement, CEO of Riot Labs Ben Johnson said:

“We thought these festivals were a great brand fit for Riot Squad. We will be selling our nine award winning flavours but have also introduced a pod system to assist all smokers at the festival to lay off the cigarettes, for £20 we will be selling fully charged tobacco flavoured pods at all 12 bars … as well as offering free samples in the VIP, from merchandise shops and from our branded Riot van on site. We’re very passionate about this new relationship and the ongoing acceptance and new understanding of the vape industry.”