//MP Report Calls on Government to Fight Vaping Misinformation

MP Report Calls on Government to Fight Vaping Misinformation

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A cross-party report has called on the government to do more to fight misinformation and encourage the country’s remaining 7.6 million smokers to consider switching to vaping.

The All-Party Parliamentary for e-cigarettes ‘State of the Vaping Nation’ report was released on Monday.

In the report, chairman of the group, Mark Pawsey MP, urged the government to build on the success of Public Health England’s ‘A New Era for Tobacco Harm Reduction’ and Stoptober campaigns.

“[We] are calling upon the government to ensure such campaigns become the norm, not an exception, so that the UK can fully exploit the public health potential of vaping.”

Despite mounting scientific evidence supporting vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, only just over 1 in 10 people were aware of the relative risks – half the figure of 2012.

Among their recommendations on how to address the problem, the group called for increased collaboration between the scientific community, public health experts, regulators and the vaping industry itself. They also urged the government to build new regulatory framework that allows vaping products to cite positive public health research in their marketing.

“It is crucial that policy makers can ensure that future regulatory frameworks are proportionate and evidence based, and not unnecessarily or inappropriately inhibitive to an industry that can play a real role in mitigating the harmful and costly effects of smoking.”

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