Vapouround Team

“The ever growing team of Vapouround Staff, watching my team grow to enable our business to thrive has been one of my greatest pleasures” Paul Caplin – MD Vapouround


If the medium is the message, then no magazine can hope to function without a good design team. This department brings every piece of content we create to life with exciting, attention grabbing and creative detail. It’s also up to the design team to stay ahead of the curve in developing our signature look, keeping the presentation and style of our written works and products up to the high standard they’re known for.


It’s up to our sales team to keep an eye open and hand outstretched for new business. Our team members recognise opportunity anywhere it arises, bringing in new partners for mutually beneficial operations. The sales team not only seek and build long-term relationships with friends and allies across the vape community, but maintain them by fully investing their expertise in those relationships. They’re not just salespeople but account managers also; the protection of our clients’ needs is their top priority.


Our journalists are responsible for creating, refining and perfecting the bulk of our magazine’s written content. Whenever urgent news breaks in the vaping world, our writers keep watch. We attend events and conduct interviews, always finding a unique angle, a compelling story, an innovative company or visionary individual.  

Vapouround Bus Team

The bus team are the face of Vapouround on the road and one of our most itinerant teams, undertaking the most UK-based travel. The Bus has become a much-loved sight on the national vape scene, checking in at lounges, shops and city centres nationwide. This department arrange all the visits and play a part in keeping us as a main attraction for every Vaper Expo.  


Our accounts team are the steadfast minds behind the money for Vapouround, ensuring everything from bills to wages are paid in full, and chasing the information to ensure all the capital flows smoothly. They process invoices, settle money matters with clients, and handle all our internal HR operations.


All this is made possible by management, who cooperate across departments to keep a strong team spirit going.


Marketing are the public face of Vapouround and the keenly observant mind conducting its market research, always thinking of new strategies for domestic and international expansion. They work closely with advertisers and external journalists and use the full existing range of media tools to accomplish their tasks. The marketing team are the force behind our use of visual media, video and photography, and the filter for outgoing promotional material.