//Lowering Your Levels

Lowering Your Levels

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A guide to gradual nicotine reduction.

Only 2.5% of current vapers have never smoked, and responsible vape companies avoid marketing their products to non-smokers. This post is for the people who made that important switch from smoking to this safer alternative and have the long-term goal of kicking their nicotine addiction for good.

As nicotine falls, power must increase

High-nicotine levels have been known to cause a harsher, hotter throat hit which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Experts advise vaping with a lower wattage and increased air flow to offset these unpleasant effects and retain the distinctive flavour in your liquid.

So, when you’re vaping with incrementally lower nicotine levels and want to maintain the power and potency of the sensation, your wattage needs to come up to counterbalance the effects.

Little by little

Never forget that your journey through nicotine reduction is a process, not an overnight solution. Just as quitting cold turkey seldom works, drastic reduction of nicotine levels is not the way to go. Your best bet is to lower the level by 0.5 to 3mg/ml at a comfortable pace. Don’t worry too much about PG/VG levels, as they primarily concern flavour and throat hit; you can keep your current preferences on liquid type intact.

Vaping doesn’t lack variety, and there are plenty of vape-specific mobile apps which help you calculate and monitor nicotine levels. These mainly exist to aid mixing and customisation, but can also help you stay on the wagon with cutting nicotine.


Good habits, good results

A good buddy system is an invaluable thing. Helping a friend, relative or co-worker through their experience can keep you focused on your own. Though many people kick a habit with the ongoing support of another in a similar position, it’s wise to personalise your experience, never comparing yourself to someone else as you do this. You’ll always go slower than some vapers and quicker than others.

Overcoming addictions often means you should be replacing in addition to reducing. By going on e-cigarettes in the first place, you were placing an alternative in your daily routine to fill the void left by combustible cigarettes and the nicotine fix they provided. This must carry over to your e-cigarette use.

Every former smoker turned vaper undergoes a transition period from tobacco, some find it more difficult than others. Some vapers had a period of dual-use. Oftentimes, a successful transition period doesn’t just mean vaping, it means vaping properly, thoroughly and every day, keeping track of which daily activities, behaviours or even peers are likely to drive you towards smoking. Avoid overlong periods without vaping, get used to what a lower (and falling) nicotine level feels like.

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