Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister has suggested the Mediterranean country’s vape laws could be about to change.

In an interview with SigMagazine, Matteo Salvini said that the Italian vape sector will be reformed with dedicated vape legislation, with further announcements to be expected by the end of the summer.

Information as to what exactly he means has yet to be elaborated on, but the deputy did add that he has taken note of how other countries are applying e-cigarettes to their smoke-free targets.

He said:

“We are already working on an armored text to finish it by the end of the summer, we will not insert it into the finance law but it will be written ad hoc specifically for the vaping sector first measure after the summer holidays, because technically and politically, it’s very simple. This provision is not going to take anything away, but a market is going to be liberalized and standardized, giving businesses a boost and vitality.

It is incredible that the health issue has never been taken into account, other countries are helping those who want to stop smoking and recommend vaping.

I understand and share the annoyance of thousands of workers in the vaping sector in trouble: being stuck for a bureaucratic bickering is unworthy of a civilized country.”

The possible changes come at an uncertain time for many in the vape industry in European Union member states, as the European Commission is currently in consultation on bringing in an EU vape tax, something advocacy groups all over the continent are campaigning against.