Adact Medical and Vapouround leading the way in safety and compliance

We are delighted to announce that UK-based safety and compliance specialists Adact Medical is now our preferred compliance agency partner.

Adact has more than 20 years of medical product regulation experience worldwide and are members of the UK Vaping Industry Association.

Over the next 12 months the TPD compliance experts at Adact will share their knowledge with our readers and answer any questions you may have on regulatory matters.

These regular Q&A features are designed to cover a broad range of topics concerning compliance and regulation so if there is anything you need to know then now is the time to ask.

Just submit your questions to and we will print a selection of answers in our April edition and in future editions in our regular ‘Vapouround Adact compliance feature.’

We are also able to announce the launch of a game-changing new online tool which will allow anyone to quickly and easily check whether e-liquids and vaping products are TPD compliant.

This joint project between Vapouround and Adact means you simply click on the “TPD Search” tab on the Vapouround Magazine home page and the entire database of compliant products is available for you from our new “TPD Expert” search tool.

TPD Expert was designed to allow consumers, trading standards personnel and anyone within the vape industry to find the information they need regarding TPD compliance.

You can search for producers, vape devices and e-liquids to check whether vaping products and e-liquids are listed by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and are therefore legal to sell.

TPD Expert is updated each day from the official public information available at the MHRA submitted products section on the Gov.UK E-cigarettes website.

Previously the only way to find this information was to search the MHRA website and scroll through one of two huge spreadsheets but now the information is quickly and easily accessible directly from the Vapouround and Adact websites.

With the popularity of nicotine shots on the rise, short-fill products that accompany them are increasingly becoming an area of concern.  Although the nicotine shots themselves are perfectly legal under TPD, so long as they are registered and not more than 10ml or 20mg/ml, short-fill liquids raise potential issues of public safety around their un-notified status under TPD.

Robert Sidebottom, Managing Director of Adact Medical said:

“Regulators and the MHRA are being urged to bring these potentially dangerous short-fill products under the control of the TPD as many contain untested liquids such as diacetyl, which would not pass through TPD tests, and they often don’t have child resistant packing.”

“As the short-fills are sold without nicotine, they also don’t carry safety warnings. Therefore, sometimes it isn’t possible to tell whether they have nicotine in them or not and as nicotine strength varies, it can be easy to create a nicotine ‘hotspot’ as users don’t know exactly how much nicotine is in the shot if they add more or too much.”

“Some retailers have made increased profits selling short-fill and nicotine shot kits, rather than 10ml multiple bottles, as the perception is that short-fill products mean that manufactures don’t have the expense or delays of TPD regulation. However 0% nicotine (short-fill) liquids are regulated under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR).  The regulations require that a businesses must ensure  products are safe for sale to consumers.  I strongly recommend that all businesses in the short-fill market consider the guidance for TPD notified products as a method of producing robust due diligence information across their product ranges and that they consult with a compliance agency such as Adact for assistance.”