//How Vapouround Magazine Uses Social Media To Keep In Touch

How Vapouround Magazine Uses Social Media To Keep In Touch

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Social media was a way to pass time, something the “cool kids” were doing. In a way to socialise, to find out what’s new with everyone and to make plans for the day. Well, its 2017 and social media has evolved. It’s now the biggest and most effective methods of communication. Whether its interacting with friends, colleagues, or clients, most of us cannot get through the day without checking what’s new online.

It’s a great tool share information, in fact it’s the best tool if you want to find out about the latest news on vaping or the best juices to try.

Here we look at how Vapouround Magazine uses social media to keep in touch with everyone from regular readers to the wider international vaping community.

Once Vapouround magazine launched back in 2015, we took our vaping business to social media for the magic to happen! With a whopping 19,000 followers on Instagram, 6,000 followers on Twitter, and 5,000 friends on Facebook, the Vapouround team have outdone themselves yet again! But it doesn’t end there, oh no, our marketing department are regularly communicating with friends and followers across all of Vapouround’s social media channel to keep everyone updated on vape related news and trends.


Katie Loomes, manages the Instagram account alongside other colleagues in the marketing department, has increased the follower count to an incredible 19, 000 in the last few months!

She invests a lot of time on the account and posts regularly on a daily basis:

“It’s really important to engage with our followers online,” explains Katie.

She goes on to mention that the best way to inform vapers about the magazine’s competitions is through social media:

“It instantly grabs their attention. It’s different to Facebook.”

“You can’t share content on Instagram like you can on Facebook but you can get people to like and comment on your posts.”

Persevering to gain more followers on the account, Katie and others, continuously engages with followers and other vape companies and interacts with them via Instagram:

“If people send in pictures of them reading the magazine, I’ll be sure to post them.”

Besides deciding whether X Pro III or Nashville filters captures the surreal vape effect, Katie think it’s an excellent way to deliver exceptional customer service online:

“I’m on IG 24/7 so if someone messages the account or decides to comment, I can write back straight away, that way we’re developing a mutual relationship on our passion for vaping.”

From interacting with customers online, we, as a vaping community, can help each other and immediately address the needs of our fellow or, potential vapers.


When you hit that snooze button on your alarm in the morning, what’s the first step you take? If you’re an avid vaper, you reach for your mod and inhale a delicious flavoured e-liquid to start your day. The second step? Grab your phone and scroll through your Facebook feed. Facebook has been the first platform to find out about the latest news or trends for many years.

It’s also become the most efficient way to announce news, trends and stories on vaping which is why we at Vapouround keep regular updates on our Facebook page. From reading about the health benefits of vaping, finding about the latest mod on the market, to reading Vapouround’s latest edition, and attending our local bus tours, we have access to communicate with our vapers and friends to share fun and interesting stories, memes, and facts on vaping.


Twitter is just one of the biggest social media platforms to communicate with people. Whether it’s for sociable or professional purposes, the fastest and convenient way to reach somebody is via social media, and Twitter is an excellent tool for communication.

Here at Vapouround, we find that announcing our fantastic competitions, biggest tradeshow collaborations and posting vaping news on Twitter, invites our vapers interests instantly. Not only does it provide us with the chance to interact with members from the vaping community, but we can inform our readers with the latest updates on Vapouround and vaping itself.


What’s so great about promoting Vapouround on social media is the relationship we form with the vaping community via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We can share the latest vaping news and upcoming vape events with our fellow vapers. People not only want to buy what is a good product, but also what looks like a good product. And with multiple filters on Instagram, you can work wonders with the style of your vaping equipment. With so many followers online, we decided to switch things up and launch a YouTube channel.

What’s great about YouTube is the opportunity to film and showcase our achievements to the world and that’s exactly what we have decided to do.

From attending local vape shows, UK Vapouround bus tours, and competitions, Vapouround’s YouTube channel allows members of the vaping community from across the globe to gain a glimpse of Vapouround Magazine’s journey and success.

For great opportunities that are unfortunately missed by members of the public, social media – especially YouTube, is a powerful method to keep people update. It not only informs, but entertains vapers and non-vapers with the art of visual photography and videos.

Sharing and connecting on social media gets people involved and that’s what we at Vapouround intend to do. We want you to feel included and be a part of the vaping community.

Social media is a large platform and similarly, vaping is a massive community that interacts mainly, online. With just a click of a button or a simple touch on your smartphone, you can reach millions of people all around the globe. It’s like living a different life online, one that charms different characters and summons different communities.

Considering the vaping industry is continuously growing rapidly, so are our friends and followers.

To stay social, follow us on YouTube, tweet us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

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