The e-cigarette industry in South Africa could generate 10,000 jobs over 10 years if allowed to prosper.

The Vapour Product Association of South Africa (VASA) has released an infographic demonstrating the positive impact vaping could have on employment. It comes ahead of the proposed Draft Tobacco Bill, which the Association fears could hinder vaping and its benefits for the economy. The Bill would regulate and restrict vaping in almost all the areas it has brought growth and prosperity, as highlighted in the graphic’s various sections.

The infographic was unveiled at the Vaping Conference 2018 held in Sandton, Johannesburg on August 2.

At the conference, VASA spokesman Fidel Hadebe said that vaping products have already created over 4 000 jobs in the country’s wholesale and retail sectors. He also said that vaping has brought double the growth rate of tobacco products, and regulating them under the same legislation would be a mistake.

“We believe that the Bill as it stands is over-reaching, short of outlawing vaping products. Just to cite one example, the Bill as it stands makes it illegal for traders in vaping products to brand their trading spaces – which they pay rent for by the way. Secondly, the Bill seeks to make it unlawful to use e-commerce to process purchases and as you know, e-commerce is the way in which business is being done these days. These are just some of the business concerns we have and we will be robustly engaging the Department on these issues.”

Negotiations between vaping industry advocates and the government are ongoing. Though the outcome is unclear, the economic benefits for South Africa are, and the Association hopes this can prove convincing.


Image provided by Cape Argus