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How Vape Companies Can Maximise Social Media Use

Warnings of a ‘retail apocalypse’ have been appearing in headlines for quite some time now, as chain after chain folds or merges in America. Though the UK has not been bitten as harshly, recent figures suggest that retail spending is falling at the fastest rate in seven years. Predictions on the future of conventional retail are varied but few are backing the status quo. The landscape is changing.

Regardless of your opinion on the state of modern retail, we know one thing for sure: technology has had an indispensable effect on our shopping habits and selling must follow suit. Few can make it in today’s climate without a firm and skilful social media presence. Social media is everywhere in the business world but vaping, like any other product, needs its own approach. Here we have laid out the essential rules as follows:

1. Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit (and clicks) 

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to browsing options these days, taking a litany of apps and sites with us wherever we go, always on the lookout for offers, reminders and updates. Though our attention spans aren’t necessarily getting shorter, they are stretched a little thinner over all the avenues of internet access, switching between tabs and sites frequently.

The fact is: consumers just don’t have that much time to spare for you. It’s the same principle applied to all good writing; you need to grab attention and do it immediately, get to the point, establish your theme, mood and intentions early. Keep your headlines snappy and enticing, but avoid cheap baiting tactics.

2. There Are Speed Bumps Vaping Faces Not Common Elsewhere

The internet didn’t quite turn out to be the free, borderless frontier many optimists dreamed it would be back in the late nineties. Online promotion, advertising and signal-boosting can hit as many regulatory and legal pitfalls as conventional methods. The TPD has several clear restrictions on advertising outlined.

For example, companies who promote their events, original content and products via Facebook will frequently receive notifications pointing out which of their posts are doing better than others and tempting them with the offer of boosting it for a fee. Those who attempt such a boost will run into certain barriers: advertising laws classify vapour products as tobacco products, and as mods and liquids should never be sold to or used by anyone under the age of 18, platforms shy away from hosting ads. You are significantly limited in this area with no room for waste, and have to better use your time and resources in a niche market.

3. Know Your Product

It’s a cliché, and for good reason: you really can’t afford to be exposed here. Sometimes salespeople will do a pitch or have to memorise a number of talking points from a script about a product or company they lack a strong connection to, but vaping will permit no such slacking.

Few communities can weaponise the power of word-of-mouth like vapers can. In terms of marketability and market research, e-cigarettes have a unique advantage of frequent use and familiarity to the people selling them. Many a business has begun with a smoker quitting and many are staffed by people who regularly vape and keep abreast of key developments in mods and liquids. The passion that so many vapers have for the industry and their genuine desire to inform and educate smokers about vaping can directly translate into sales.

4. Cut No Corners

Maximising visibility means maximising ways you can be found. Use every social media outlet possible and build as many roads to your business as you possibly can. The internet can be a wild frontier, and with plenty of paths leading to your products, you can make this a help instead of a hindrance. A fleshed-out social media presence and trail can help bring in potential new customers and encourage existing customers to give you repeat custom.

It can be tedious and taxing work. Engaging with customers and curious would-be business partners and investors requires a careful, tactful and diplomatic approach. Your social media assistants will need patience and exemplary customer service skills – not to mention a strong command of written and spoken English.

But remember, you don’t want to stretch yourself too thin, either by putting all responsibilities on an unprepared individual or rationing them for a team with little synergy. A single, versatile social media executive capable of handling every platform and making the best use of it is the ideal.

5. A Tailored Fit

If you’re maximising your visibility, then you need to alter the tone and presentation with each site. Youtube will give you the chance to combine catchy music with striking visuals. Video sites are also where distinctive personalities flourish; watch vlogs by successful vaping Youtubers and take notes on how they allow their individuality to shine. Images, videos and GIFS uploaded to Instagram are all about a striking aesthetic.

As a place of pure business, LinkedIn requires a more conventionally professional and measured approach. Twitter can be a ruthless place which has no mercy for poor wording; mastering the business tweet will mean mastering rule #1.

6. Stay Active, Keep Afloat

Vaping and social media are both fast-paced spheres. You won’t just need to stay informed, you’ll need to stay active. Don’t rush out content so quickly you burn through all your best ideas and get lost in the shuffle, and don’t let so much time pass that you drop out of the news cycle and blogosphere altogether. Show you care about your business and your customers by keeping to a steady schedule.

7. Decide Your Values and Stick With Them

When producing content for e-juice companies, a common mistake is losing their brand consistency. Have core design values and stick to them. No jack of all trades, master of none attempts; you want to master your style, your forte and stay with it.

For example, when marketing juices, the aim is to create imagery with widespread appeal without just copying angles and colour schemes at the expense of your trademark style. You’ve got to find the line between what works on a large scale and what makes you special.

How and Why

Knowing what works for a good vape company is useless if you aren’t paying attention to the mechanism turning at the heart of a successful product. The most effective tool in any marketer’s belt is constant user engagement and personal market research. Make notes of patterns of success – not only what works but the how and why of its appeal. Always ask yourself why a curious smoker or advanced vaper should pick your business out of a random line. You’re competing with everyone all the time and can only be yourself. If you don’t know the unique, inimitable value, the identity of your own business you can’t hope to compete with all the others in this busy market.


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