The European vaping community is rallying together to fight an EU proposal to apply a ‘sin tax’ to all vaping products.

A public consultation period will run until September 3, giving vapers, the public and the industry the opportunity to give their opinion on the proposals.

The tax could have devastating impact on the vaping industry and could deter millions of smokers from making the switch to e-cigarettes.

Now, a petition has been launched, backed by a number of high-profile vaping and public health advocate groups from across the EU, including the UK’s New Nicotine Alliance.

The petition states:

“Vaping has enabled more than 7.5 million Europeans to stop smoking and helped a further 9 million to reduce their cigarette consumption. Sin taxes (excise duties) are not justifiable on consumer products which are not tobacco products and which are far less harmful to health than combustible tobacco.”

Vapers and harm-reduction advocates are being encouraged to sign the petition and complete the questionnaire on the EU Commission website.

Vapouround will be doing our bit by working alongside the NNA and raising awareness of the campaign in Vapouround Magazine and on the Vapouround bus.

Make sure to get your voice heard by signing the petition here and completing the questionnaire here.