The Food and Drug Administration in the US has published revised guidance on the listing of ingredients in tobacco products and this applies to e-liquids.

The FDA says the guidance is intended to assist manufacturers and importers making tobacco product ingredient submissions to the FDA – as required by the Tobacco Control Act – and is only with respect to finished tobacco products designed for products ingested in use, for burning or for aerosol use.

While e-liquids will be subject to the latest requirements, the FDA says the same rules won’t apply to tanks, coils, wicks and mouthpieces.

“Examples of components or parts for which FDA does not intend to enforce the ingredient listing submission requirement includes, but is not limited to, coils, wicks and mouthpieces.”

Other hardware will not be obliged to comply either, including, “batteries, charging systems, circuit boards, wiring, and connectors.” 

Where e-liquids are concerned, the FDA will allow manufacturers to submit one listing corresponding to multiple products in some circumstances. For example, single listings are allowed for e-liquids with identical nicotine concentrations but different PG/VG ratios and e-liquids with identical PG/VG ratio but different nicotine concentrations. E-liquids with varying PG/VG ratios and different nicotine concentrations also fall under this recommendation, but the rest of the ingredients must be identical per weight and they must be of the same brand or sold in a range of product sizes.

The FDA recognises a finished product as any tobacco product, including all components and parts, which has been sealed in final packaging intended for consumer use. E-liquids fall under the umbrella of the Tobacco Control Act.

For more on these latest requirements, click here to visit the FDA’s online listing tool.