Three year-old Evana Parkinson was diagnosed as having special needs due to missing a chromosome, a condition only known as ’15Q11.2 microdeletion.’

Little Evana was born in 2015 and her parents soon noticed she did not have the ability to smile. She then missed certain milestones which you’d expect to witness in the development of a child. That’s when the family of five knew something wasn’t quite right.

Her parents, Scott and Kayley, and Evana’s two siblings have been overwhelmed with the support from three charities who helped the family through uncertain times: Syndromes Without a Name (SWAN), Blessings in Disguise and Unique – Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group.

Now the family want to give back to the charitable organisations which have supported their journey.

Proud dad Scott from Spring View in Wigan has organised a mega £1,000 raffle which has evolved into a vaper’s dream, with more than ten litres of e-liquids up for grabs from the biggest names in the vape industry. The raffle was inundated with support from e-liquid companies and vapers alike.

The raffle took place on June 25th live on Facebook and a total of £602 were raised. But this is only the beginning for the Parkinsons.

Scott and Kayley own a gaming business called and it’s their hope that a combination of raffles, charity walks / runs and auctions will raise £1,000 for the charities over the course of the year.

The couple, who volunteer for Wigan Warriors of which Evana is a big fan, spoke to local newspaper Wigan Today and said the charities, “have given Evana things she couldn’t have experienced” otherwise.

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