//Experts Explain E-Cigarette Safety In Under 3 Minutes

Experts Explain E-Cigarette Safety In Under 3 Minutes

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An essential short film for the vape industry has emerged.


E-cigarettes are taking their rightful place as the preeminent smoking cessation tool of this generation. Driving much of this is their continual vindication on the medicinal front, with growing endorsement from public health experts.

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, in partnership with the New Nicotine Alliance and supported by Public Health England, have produced a short film called E-Cigarette Safety: The Facts Explained – which is proving a very useful, succinct resource for vapers who want to present the facts about the relative safety of vaping for smokers in a brief and straightforward manner. The video brings us explanations from some eminent names in academic research and public health. In a world of tabloid sensationalism and viral myths, it has become increasingly necessary to let cooler heads (and informed individuals) prevail.

The full, 13-minute version of the film is also available on the NCSCTFilms Youtube channel.

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