The jury is still out on vaping Down Under.

Following the culmination of a year-long inquiry,  which included hearings from the Australian medical community and big tobacco, the parliamentary committee which looks at Australia’s laws on vaping remains divided.

Three MPs have voiced their feelings in favour of legalising vaping.

There is currently a ban on personal vaping devices and nicotine e-liquid in the country.

Inquiry chairman Trent Zimmerman told federal parliament that e-cigarettes could save thousands of lives.

“Approximately 2.4 million Australians smoke cigarettes daily and it has been estimated that two out of every three smokers will die prematurely due to their smoking. 

Given these stark figures, reducing the number of Australians who smoke is one of the nation’s most important public health objectives.”

There have been calls for further inquiry into the issue and an official report has called for the National Health and Medical Council to support an independent review, which would investigate the health effects of vaping while taking regulations of other countries into account.

One MP’s brief report sums up the mood at the outcome. Queensland MP Andrew Laming said,

“Life is short and shorter for smokers. Just legalise vaping.”

Liquid nicotine is currently classified as a poison in Australia so nicotine e-cigarettes cannot be legally sold there.