//Credit Card Scam Hits Vape Shops

Credit Card Scam Hits Vape Shops

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A UK wholesaler and retailer has uncovered a nationwide credit card scam that has left British vape businesses tens or possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds out of pocket.

UK Vape Supply lost £3700 after a gang, reportedly from the Rochdale or Blackburn area, paid for goods over-the-phone with a stolen credit card and then used the receipt to collect the items from a City Vape store.

Following the incident, City Vape emailed other businesses and were astonished to discover that shops from as far apart as London, Scotland, Wales and Ireland had been targeted by the scammers. It is clear that these were not isolated incidents.

“They ask for the same stuff every time – Alien Q-Boxes in bulk,” Patrick Wilson of UK Vape Supply told us.

The next time the scammers made an order, City Vape set up a sting operation, resulting in Greater Manchester Police successfully apprehending one of the scammers. On searching the perpetrator’s property they found incriminating evidence, including guns and other weapons.

The investigation is ongoing.

We will be covering this in more depth in the December issue of Vapouround Magazine. If you have been targeted by this or any other scam, please email to let us know.

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