17 07, 2018

Squonkers, the 2ml rule and accessories: The MHRA clamps down

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In a recent e-mail sent to businesses within the vaping industry, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) provided clarification on the legality of certain products, which until now [...]

4 07, 2018

Award winning French filmmakers illustrate real life struggle in ‘The Vaping (Not) Dead’

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A short satirical horror flick about vaping was praised at the Global Forum for Nicotine (GFN) in Warsaw recently, shedding light on the tobacco industry and mainstream media’s ongoing attempts [...]

29 06, 2018

Vaping Entrepreneur: Vapouround Award winner ‘Mr Barista’ on making and marketing a global product

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“Whether you’re a juice maker, a mod maker or regular vaper, we speak the same language." Continue reading

28 06, 2018

On the cover: ZAP! – the UK-based company making international waves

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“Sometimes this industry feels like the perfume and pop-record business; there’s a lot of fads, but the good ideas will last forever”   Continue reading