A bill that threatened the very livelihood of Ontario’s vaping industry has been revoked.

The controversial policy would have prohibited vaping in indoor spaces, including vape shops. Such restrictions would make it impossible for staff to demonstrate how to use vaping devices and for vapers and speculative smokers to test e-liquids.

The proposed changes to the Smoke Free Ontario Act 2017 were due to come into effect on July 1. But in an email sent to Canadian vape supplier and industry advocate Dash Vapes, Roselle Martino of the Ministry of Health, said:

“The government will work with the public, experts and businesses to re-examine the evidence related to vaping as a smoking cessation tool to ensure that any changes are in the best interests of everyone and protect Ontarians’ health and safety.”

The email was sent just days after Doug Ford was sworn in as Premier of Ontario’s first Progressive Conservative government in almost 15 years.

The news will be welcomed by the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) who represented the industry’s interests ahead of Bill 174 and the controversial Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA) that was given royal ascent on May 23.

In an interview published in June’s preview edition of Vapouround Canada, Marc Kealey, lead advocate for the CVA, said of Bill 174:

“We need to start a dialogue as soon as the new government is sworn in. We have to show them just how silly the regulations are. We’re not going to stop putting pressure on the government until change happens.”

The CVA has been contacted for comment.