News: Amateur attempt at Canadian vape shop robbery captured in hilarious footage

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Last year, a gang of would-be robbers stormed a Belgian vape shop, only to be convinced by a member of staff to return later in the day when there would [...]

News: Nearly half of the UK’s local authorities no longer offer a stop smoking service

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A staggering 44 percent of local authorities do not offer smokers a specialist smoking cessation service, a report from Action on Health and Smoking (ASH) and Cancer Research UK has [...]

National No Smoking Day 2019: We hit the streets to speak to vapers in Derby

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This National No Smoking Day, Vapouround's Lucy MacKinnon  took to the streets of Derby and visited our flagship vape shop to speak to vapers about their experiences #makingtheswitch. Continue reading

National No Smoking Day 2019: How to make the most out of your first vape expo

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Expo season is just around the corner, with huge events set to take place all over the world in coming months. For those who recently made the switch to vaping [...]