Chocolate e-liquids have long been a contentious subject among vaping enthusiasts. What seems, on paper, to be a simple profile has proven extremely difficult to get right.

We’ve tracked down some of the most authentic chocolate-based flavours so you can enjoy the perfect Easter vape.

1. Met4 – Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket has been around for quite some time now, and for good reason. Met4 describes this as a chocolate milk flavour, but it’s certainly heavy on the chocolate notes above its dairy base.

This e-liquid is a masterclass in how a simple, authentic chocolate should be, and it’s incredibly moreish as a result.

It is worth mentioning that Golden Ticket is known for degrading coils quite quickly, so is perhaps better suited to vapers who use rebuildable atomisers, though it’s entirely worth the frequent re-wicking.

2. Five Pawns – Lasker’s Rule

Five Pawns were among the first companies to produce extravagant e-liquids and to this day remain an excellent option if you’re searching for something unique.

Lasker’s Rule is part of their recent Blue Line, which incorporates the flavour of sea salt.

A creamy, decadent chocolate note runs through this one, supported by a mild potato chip base.

Yes, this does sound rather odd, but it works fantastically and makes for a compelling and truly different e-liquid that justifies the higher than average price tag.

3. Velvet Cloud – Mewlew’s Magic

Velvet Cloud are another veteran e-liquid manufacturer who rose to prominence by offering sweetener-free max-VG blends at a time when that was unheard of. Their blends tend to be complex and Mewlew’s Magic is no exception.

The main note here is a luxurious chocolate that avoids being overly sweet. This is layered with moderate helpings of butterscotch, vanilla and a rich bakery base that ties the profile together.

This is one of the original chocolate vapes and is still well worth picking up.

4. Crunchie’s – Choco Bourbon

A newcomer to the e-liquid market relative to the others we’ve already listed. Crunchie’s launched their line of biscuit themed flavours last year and have become rather popular in the UK since.

Chocolate Bourbons are a staple in British households and Crunchie’s have absolutely nailed the profile with Choco Bourbon.

The dominant flavour here is a sweet chocolate cream, which is supported by a moderate biscuit base that adds some texture to the profile.

If you’re the kind of vaper who frequently reaches for the biscuit tin, this one is well worth picking up.

5. Folkart – Mayan Milk

Slightly different from the others on this list, Mayan Milk is a DIY e-liquid recipe posted on by user Folkart.

This is a rather complex recipe, using some surprising ingredients to achieve a mellow but luxurious chocolate milk flavour.

I must admit that I was sceptical at first of this profile since it uses flavourings that I would never associate with chocolate, but on the advice of trusted fellow mixers I made some for myself and was blown away by the authenticity this recipe brings to the table.

If you mix your own e-liquid, Mayan Milk is a must try.

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A recent study published by the American Psychological Association found that inhaling pleasant aromas can decrease a smoker’s urge to light up.

The research published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology made no reference to the flavours used in e-liquid.

The researchers recruited 232 smokers aged between 18 and 55 who, at the time, were not attempting to quit with any form of nicotine replacement, including e-cigarettes.

The participants were asked to stop smoking eight hours before the study and to bring their preferred brand of cigarette with them.

First, the participants were asked to smell and rate a number of pleasant odours such as chocolate, peppermint and vanilla, as well as one unpleasant odour, tobacco from their favoured brand of cigarette and one odourless ‘blank’.

10 seconds later, the participants rated their urge to smoke on a scale of 1 to 100.

Finally, they opened a container containing the most pleasurable odour, the tobacco or the ‘blank’, sniffed it and then rated their urge to smoke. They continued to sniff for five minutes, rating their urge to smoke every 60 seconds.

All the participants reported a reduced urge to smoke after smelling each odour. However, the greatest reduction was found with the pleasant odours (19.3 points), compared to tobacco (11.7 percent) and the blank (11.2 points).

Lead author Michael Sayette, PhD, believes that pleasant odours distract people from their cravings as they are linked to ‘olfactory cues’.

The olfactory system links smells with memories, for example, cinnamon evoking pleasant memories of Christmas during childhood.

Sayette wrote:

“Our research suggests that the use of pleasant odors [sic] shows promise for controlling nicotine cravings in individuals who are trying to quit smoking.”

Meanwhile, Sacramento City Council has approved a ban on the sale of flavoured e-liquids.

Local public heath advocates applauded the move, claiming that flavours lead underage users to smoke combustible cigarettes.

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The Great British Spring Clean being is celebrated this month and campaigners are calling on Litter Heroes across the country to help improve the environment on their doorstep.


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US cigarette sales declined by nearly 10 per cent in March this year, according to data by global analytics company, Nielsen.


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To mark World Health Day, we thought we would shed a little light on the current evidence backing e-cigarettes as the most popular and most effective stop-smoking aid .

  • The Smoking Tool Kit Study published in 2019 found that in the past year, 28.6 percent of smokers have tried to stop, and in one month alone, there was a recorded 11.1 percent increase in the number of smokers making the switch to e-cigarettes.
  • In December last year, Public Health England launched a campaign reinforcing the message that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking. The authors concluded with the message that health care professionals should be suggesting this smoking-cessation aid more often.
  • Quoted by both the NHS and Professor Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University of London, it was recently found that e-cigarettes were twice as effective as nicotine replacement products in helping smokers quit.
  • Despite a third of smokers having never tried the devices, The Department for Health and Social Care estimates that between 16,000 and 22,000 people successfully quit smoking using e-cigarettes each year, and by equipping the public with more knowledge on the subject these numbers could increase significantly.

With 3.2 million vapers in the UK in 2018, and the number of those who have managed to quit smoking e-cigarettes standing at 3 million – the figures speak for themselves.

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