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About Vapouround

Vapouround is owned and operated by Orange Fox media Ltd. We launched Vapouround with the vision of creating a stunning publication which the Vaping Community could be proud. Our first issue was launched in August of 2015. We started out as a lifestyle magazine, and as the TPD came into effect we have changed to trade publication. We distribute the magazine through trade shows, to manufacturers and to a long list of shops across the UK.

Our vision was to highlight the best brands in the business, so we travel extensively to bring brands from all corners of the globe to the UK shores. With our online presence, we have managed to not only cover the UK, but we have a reach in over 20 countries globally.

With regulations starting to take effect in America, we have made no secret of the fact that we have targeted American companies as a way of giving them a route into the UK.

We are constantly trying to innovate new products to market your brands not only to the trade but also to the public in this ever increasingly difficult landscape. In the last year we have designed our augmented reality platform which can bring adverts to life, we staged the first Annual Vapouround Awards as part of the Vaper Expo UK, and now we have a bus which is aiming to drive its way through the regulations when it comes to advertising for the public. Look out for it as it tours around the UK now.