Burton-born super heavyweight Frazer Clarke, Big Fraze, has been turning heads – voluntarily or otherwise – since he started boxing at the age of 11. Now 24, with numerous championships under his belt – and more belts to come – he’s got his eyes on Olympic gold. As he fights his way through the world’s best amateur super heavyweights enroute to Tokyo, Frazer will be bearing some very special brand logos.

Vapouround and Lik Juice have become heavy hitters in their own corners of the vaping industry and are proud to be his sponsor. Helping others quit their worst habits and being an example of what one can achieve with a healthy lifestyle is Frazer’s mission. And like so many who achieve this, it didn’t start off easily for him.

“I started boxing because I was at that age where I was going to try everything and shy away from nothing. I did football, I did rugby, I wanted to find my sport, somewhere I’d belong. I boxed because I wanted to lose weight and toughen up. I had a knack for it and the rest is history. I was a big kid – a heavyweight (91 kilograms) by age 13. I can still remember every detail of my first fight. It was both the scariest and most rewarding moment of my life up until that point – it absolutely gripped me, and the sport of boxing hasn’t let go since.”

Even before he became such a respected name in British boxing, Frazer’s love for the sport kept him close to the spotlights. He spent some time working as a security guard at televised boxing matches whist racking up his own wins.

Just as his calling seized him, Frazer has been grabbing titles and prizes left and right. Now heading into both the Olympics and 2018 Commonwealth Games, Frazer is already decorated. He won the Junior ABA title in 2008, the Three Nations Championship in 2009 and again in 2015, a Commonwealth bronze medal in 2010 and the England Boxing Elite Title in 2015.

As Frazer’s accomplishments stack up, his drive to succeed continues to escalate. Just last year he claimed a silver medal in the European championships as part of a record-setting Team GB, which walked out with more medals than ever in the competition’s near century-long history.

Frazer’s closeness to his fellow boxers has compelled him to make them his biggest inspirations and personal sporting heroes. It’s also helped him put his talents to good use in their training camps. He has been Anthony Joshua’s sparring partner for all 20 of the IBF Heavyweight Champion’s fights.

“AJ and I fought in the amateurs in 2009,” he says, taking a moment to reassert his admiration for the reigning champion.

His promise and special talent didn’t go unnoticed. Frazer now trains under Rob McCracken, MBE. The boxer-turned trainer is famous for tutoring the retired Carl Froch and current champ Joshua. Frazer already sits in august company, with many eager eyes watching.

The tale of the accomplished boxer rising from obscurity to the brightest stages on earth is a classic one, and many of these men and women never forget the places they came from, the people who made it possible and their own desire to give back and inspire that community. Frazer is comfortable and proud of his place as a role model because he appreciates how essential they were for him, and how that lofty position can enable him to help others in the same way. Already a champion of the old and the new, Frazer manages to combine the timeless wisdom of the true athlete with some special knowledge gleaned by an individual’s experience.

“I’d be nowhere without self-belief, every athlete has it. But even that needs company and support and community. Lots of people out there are motivated enough but they don’t have that special person who they can turn to. I was lucky enough to have people in my life who could help out when things were tough and believed even when I didn’t.”

Considering the thriving state of British boxing – mostly spurred by the well-handled careers of former Olympians such as Joshua, Frazer is optimistic about his future. He’s enjoyed a glittering amateur career, studded with championship prestige. When we asked which goals are keeping him in the hunt, he only had one, blunt answer.

“I want an Olympic gold medal. After that, regardless of the result, I’m turning pro and going as far as I can. I’ve already been through two Olympic cycles. I’ve lived and trained with some of the best in the world and can’t explain how much they’ve done for me and what they mean to me. I’m going to do them all proud.”

A man of so many achievements with so much to come, Frazer is a natural ally to a company like Lik or Vapouround.

“As an athlete, I want to associate with a growing brand. Growing brands are filled with people who are hungry and determined, they want to rise high and be the best.”